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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

Currently at Arncliffe West Infants School, we are able to offer special religious education (scripture) in:

- Islamic with Mrs Jaff and Mrs Saleh

- Catholic/Orthodox with Mrs Ross

Scripture takes place each Thursday morning from 9.30-10am. Students attending scripture participate in age appropriate activities and written work in line with their faith. AWIS teachers monitor students during this time.

Students who do not attend scripture are supervised by AWIS teachers and undertake quiet reading during this time, as per Department of Education guidelines.  

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. Special education in ethics is an option for your primary-age child if you withdraw them from special religious education. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.